Thursday, January 24, 2008

The man

The man I admire

is no scathing liar

who hides his desire

under words of Hell-fire.

The man I seek is not weak

nor, in his ibadah, is he meek

he fully loves and fears Allah

and proclaims loudly: Allah-Akbar, Subhan'Allah.

The man I will find

will have a strong enough mind

to ignore gender and race

finding instead reflections of The Face.

The man I will say yes to

will know subtle ways to woo

without forgetting what is due.

The man who thus observes

will certainly receive what he deserves

as much respect

as he should expect.

The man I hear

has overcome his fear

of succumbing to his lust

by allowing his heart to rust.

But the men I must see

wear nothing but a grubby tee

without any idea of who they should be

not realizing women in ummah are the key.

The man I met

boasting of his net

has he not understood yet?

nothing is infinitely set.

Hence, the men I know

are commanded to grow

to follow the Sunnah of our Rasul

-- that is, if they know.

The men I judge

are too stubborn to budge

and they ignore Allah's COMMAND

that there be equality in His land.

The men upon whom I inflict

the criticisms of this edict:

it is better that I warn

before we are torn

-- and then begin to mourn.

poem writing by a sister in Islam. "Ukhtikum fillah"

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